Our Services

If you are looking for “Complete Organising your Health Insurance Portfolio “,  Buying Best Suitable Health Insurance Policy, Getting out of non-suitable Health Products by Portability, and have a disciplined process oriented Health Insurance Plan, this service is for you.

Important Facts for you to remember

  1. Your Cash Flow (Income, Expenses, EMIs, Insurance Premiums, Other savings etc.) .
  2. Your Net Worth (Assets and Liabilities)

What do we do ?

  1. Your Need Based Analysis will be done.
  2. Your Risk Profiling will be done, to help us understand YOU.
  3. We will help you Set and Prioritize Your Health Insurance Goals.
  4. Your Existing Policies will be Reviewed
  5. You will be suggested with Good Health Insurance Policies suitable to your Goals and Your Risk profile.
  6. Basic Tax Planning aligned with Policy and your needs.
  7. Basic Claim Settlement Guidance.
  8. Claim Service Counselling.
  9. We will Help you in Implementing the RecommendationsMonitor the Policy Issuance and do a timely review of the Health Insurance Portfolio . (Optional – Only if You Plan to buy from us)

Consultancy Fee Starts from 499